Search Tips for Tapestry

Membership Information
You can become a member of Tapestry by prepaying for searches by credit card. Members of Tapestry can access advanced search options. Nonmembers must complete credit card information each time Tapestry is used. Tapestry fees are needed to support the system and are invested in new improvements to the system.

If your search cannot be performed, Tapestry will inform you of such, and no charge will be assessed. A running total of Tapestry expenses are listed at the top of most screens.

Tapestry & Search Information
Tapestry includes many Midwest counties. Carefully choose the county you wish to search. Correct spelling of last names is a must. If you are unsure of a first name, use only the initial of the first name. Example: Doe, J. Clay County party name data goes back to January 1, 1987.

A "quick" search is a party name search. An "advanced" search is by legal description and/or a combination with other known information. You must become a member of Tapestry to use the "advanced" search option. Clay County legal description data goes back to August 16, 1999.

Subdivision With Lot, Block & Outlot

If unsure of the subdivision name, type in the 1st 2 letters of the subdivision and hit tab. A drop down table of subdivisions beginning with the letters entered will appear. Select the 1 you wish to search. When all information is entered, click on add and find. If the subdivision table doesn't include the subdivision, try entering only the 1st letter. Such as "J" for J W NYE 1ST ADD.

Subdivision names are entered as presented in most cases.
  • Examples: ARNOLD F MILLERS ADD (Enter "AR" and tab.)
    ORIGINAL MOORHEAD (Enter "OR" and tab.)
    (A table of all Original townsites will be listed.)
  • The Auditor's Outlot table is large and is accessed by entering the city or township name 1st. Enter the 1st 2 letters of the city or township name to view a table of all outlots in that city or township.
  • Original Barnesville is a replat of Miller and McMasters (Miller and McMasters is not available in the drop down list because docs are no longer tracted to those lots and blocks). Enter "OR" and tab.
  • Original Ulen is actually Aslesans 1st Add. Enter "AS" and tab.
Viewing Documents & Images
Once you obtain a list of documents, double click each listing and then select document details at no extra charge.

If you select document images, you will be charged per page viewed. No additional charge is imposed to print the selected page. Clay County document images are available as of October 1, 1994. Images are authentic reproductions of the actual document and the quality is usually good. However, blue or light-colored ink used on original documents will not reproduce well. If an image is poor, it may be the resolution of your monitor. The printed version of an image is often better than the viewed image.

Search Groups
Tapestry includes 16 document types for searching. Clay County has combined numerous document types into the 16 Tapestry types. View Clay County Tapestry search groups.

Plats, Corner Certificates & Surveys
All Plats, Corner Certificates & Surveys can be viewed and printed at no charge from the Clay County website.

Contact Information
For technical assistance and support using Tapestry, contact Fidlar Software via email or call 800-747-4600.