Non-community Water Supply EH Services

Clay County has had a State Certified Water Lab for over 20 years. Of the various tests we can do, Total Coliforms, indicators of bacterial pollution, and Nitrate Nitrogen are the tests that have a health significance. It is important to check the water quality from your well every 2 to 3 years.

How to Get Your Supply Tested

To have your water supply tested, pick up a sample container and a usable Water supply Test Request Form from:
Clay County Public Health Clinic
Clay County Family Service Center
715 11th St. N.
Room 105
Moorhead, MN  56560
218-299-7777 or 218-299-5004

Download the Sample Water Supply Test Request Form

Adobe® Acrobat® PDF File Icon     Sample Water Supply Test Request Form (PDF:  238.2 KB)  

Since the Water Supply Test Request Form is a carbonless form, you should pick up the actual form when you pick up your sample container. Use this Key to Water Test Results Form (PDF:  128.5 KB) to help understand the test results.

Helpful Information

For information on well management, including disinfecting your well, check out the well management information from the Minnesota Department of Health web site.
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