Jail & Annex

Clay County has 2 facilities - the Jail and the Annex. The Jail houses 60 adult inmates. The Annex holds 30 minimum security adult male inmates. The Jail and Annex can hold individuals for up to 1 year. The same programs and policies apply to both facilities.


  • Work Detail is a unique program offered to inmates in Clay County. It was developed by the Sheriff's Office during the spring flood of 1997. It utilizes unsentenced inmates who are not a safety and security threat, to perform community work. This detail is supervised at all times by a Clay County Correctional Officer who has a part time peace officer license. The Work Detail typically works for local churches, schools, and communities in Clay County.
  • Work Release is a program offered to sentenced inmates who are not a safety and security threat to the community. This program allows individuals to be productive members of society by continuing to work in their jobs. They require no supervision while they are at work.
  • Sentence to Service is a work program offered by Clay County and the State of Minnesota. It utilizes those inmates who may not qualify for Work Release. The work they perform is primarily for the local Department of Natural Resources. These individuals are supervised by a State employee.
  • Reintegration Advance Planning (RAP) is a re-entry program for inmates. Our goal is to reduce recidivism and improve quality of life for the inmate through successful and comprehensive reintegration while assuring public safety.
  • The Jail and Annex also offer Alcoholic Anonymous meetings, Narcotic Anonymous meetings, and church services.

Money Drop Off

All money can be dropped off using the Stellar Teller located in the Jail's visitor lobby.  All money dropped off for an inmate will be used for any fees that inmate owes prior to being available for commissary items and phone cards.

Lock Up List

The Clay County Lock Up List is available in a Portable Document Format (PDF).


  • 3 Administrators
  • 27 Full time Correctional Officers
  • 1 Half time Correctional Officers
  • 11 Roster Correctional Officers
  • 2 Clerical Office Associates


To provide protection of the citizens of Clay County by providing a deterrent to crime and by returning violators to the community with a more responsible attitude toward themselves and the community. It is recognized that the most important factors for the Jail are the safety and security of the inmates while they are in the Clay County Jail.