Jail & Annex

  1. Attention

    Due to construction of the new Clay County Jail, starting April 3, 2017 county parking lots and streets accessing the campus will be changing.  

    Jail Visitor Parking

    Visitor parking for the Jail and Annex will be located east of the Annex, between the Courthouse and the Law Enforcement Center.  There will be 6 parking spaces clearly labeled with signs stating Jail Visitor Parking.  These parking spaces can be access by turning west onto 8th Ave. N. from 11th St. N.  

    Jail Entrances

    Through out construction the Jail and Annex entrances will be changing.  Please follow signs for the entrances.

    Jail Visitation Schedule

    Due to construction, there have been changes made to our visitation schedule.  Please read the information below:
    • Visitation days are Sunday - Saturday; there is no visitation on Mondays. 
    • Each inmate is allowed up to two 20-minute times slots per week for visits; trustees are allowed up to three per week.  
    • All visits are done using a video visitation system.  Anyone coming for a visit must report to the Annex, located next to the Jail.  
    • Due to space limitations, only two visitors per inmate at a time are allowed; this will be enforced.  
    • Visitors must show up 5 minutes prior to the scheduled visit to register; visits will not be extended for late arrivals.  
    • All visits must be scheduled prior to arriving for a visit by calling the Jail at 218-299-7348.  
    Visitation times are as follows:
    Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
    1:00-1:20, 1:30-1:50, 2:00-2:20, 2:30-2:50, 6:00-6:20, 6:30-6:50, 7:00-7:20, and 7:30-7:50

    Fridays and Saturdays
    1:00-1:20, 1:30-1:50, 2:00-2:20, and 2:30-2:50

Jail & Annex

Clay County has 2 facilities - the Jail and the Annex. The Jail houses 60 adult inmates. The Annex holds 30 minimum security adult male inmates. The Jail and Annex can hold individuals for up to 1 year. The same programs and policies apply to both facilities.

Lock Up List

The Clay County Lock Up List is available in a Portable Document Format (PDF).


  • 3 Administrators
  • 27 Full time Correctional Officers
  • 1 Half time Correctional Officers
  • 11 Roster Correctional Officers
  • 2 Clerical Office Associates


To provide protection of the citizens of Clay County by providing a deterrent to crime and by returning violators to the community with a more responsible attitude toward themselves and the community. It is recognized that the most important factors for the Jail are the safety and security of the inmates while they are in the Clay County Jail.