Forfeiture Property for Sale

View the 2018 Tax Forfeit Property List for the December 5th, 2018 sale.
Parcel Number
Legal Description
Assessed Value
Estimated Amount of Special Assessments the City May Choose to Reassess Against the Property
56.685.0990 Lot 2 Block 8
Prairie Hills Estates
2200 Westgate Drive
Hawley City
$1,300.00 $15,686.46
 29.080.0102 Lot 2 Block 1 Shady Oaks Sub Ulen Twp  $8,800.00
60.250.0110 Lot 1 Block 3
Dinsmore's 1st Add
301 Lincoln Ave. E
Ulen City
$1,800.00 $10,000.00
N 65' of Lots 19-23 Blk 36
Barnesville City
$1,500.00  $11,532.00
 07.033.2200 300' x 350' in NE corner of E2W2NW4 Sec 33 Felton Twp $5,000.00  0

Sale Information

Each December, the Clay County Auditor's Office holds an auction sale to dispose of Clay County properties forfeited to the state for nonpayment of taxes. These properties forfeit after 5 years of nonpayment (3 years for businesses) of taxes.

On the day of the auction, properties are sold to the highest bidder "as is." The buyer should understand that the properties might not conform to local building and zoning ordinances, and that environmental and/or watershed / water conservation issues may affect the property.

Requirements & Recommendations

Registration is required on the day of the auction.

It is recommended that you research any parcel you wish to purchase before buying and consider contacting your attorney for specific legal questions.

Parcels unsold will be available over the counter at the Auditor's Office.

Special Assessments

The special assessments on each property are subject to recertification. These assessments may be recertified by the city or other taxing jurisdiction upon the sale of the property and will be the responsibility of the new owner. Improvements not yet assessed are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Payment Terms

The price of the properties is the appraised value and not negotiable.

We accept cash, checks, money orders and certified checks. Full payment is required the day of the sale.

Additional Fees

Type of Fee
State Assurance surcharge 3% of the sale price
State Deed Fee $25.00
State Deed Tax Minimum $1.65 or .0033 x sale price
Recording fee $46.00
Well fee (if applicable) $50.00


The purchaser will complete a request for state deed at the time of purchase. This will be sent to the State of Minnesota Department of Revenue and a state deed will be returned to us for recording. This conveyance shall have the force and effect of a patent from the state. However, services of an attorney may be necessary to make the title marketable.

The State of Minnesota reserves all mineral rights.