1. Business Recycling

    Many businesses are recycling bottles, cans, paper (office and mixed, including junk mail), corrugated cardboard, newspapers, magazines, and other recyclable materials - find out what other things businesses are doing to be green.

  2. Clay County Loan Fund

    The loan fund was created to provide additional job opportunities and improve the quality of life in Clay County, Minnesota.

  3. Construction Project & Bidding Information

    Project and bidding information for upcoming Clay County construction projects is provided by the Clay County Highway Department for use by contractors.

  4. Floodplain Management

    The Clay County Planning and Zoning Office is the repository for the National Flood Insurance Program's Flood Insurance Rate Maps, as well as flood boundary and floodway maps for rural Clay County.

  5. Food & Beverage Inspections & Licensing

    Inspections and licensing of food and beverage facilities in Clay County are coordinated by Environmental Health.

  6. On-Site Septic Systems

    Clay County Environmental Health inspects rural and urban septic systems, along with issuing permits and certifications.

  7. Permits & Licensing

    Obtain Clay County permit and license fees, applications, and requirements.

  8. Planning & Zoning Fee Schedule

    Find fees for various forms and certificates.

  9. Programs

    View business related programs offered through the county.

  10. Property Assessment Forms

    Access Assessor Office forms from special agricultural homestead to nonprofit community service organizations applications.

  11. Rent Office or Meeting Space

    Rent a meeting room or office space in the Family Service Center.

  12. Snow Removal & Ice Control Policy

    Clay County would like to remind everyone, including commercial snow removal operators, that it is against state law to deposit snow onto a public roadway.

  13. Video Conferencing Center

    The county has established a Video Conferencing Center at the FSCCC providing training and conferencing opportunities for the provider agencies.

  14. Water Supply Testing

    Find out what kind of tests Clay County can do on your water supply.