State Benefits

  1. Bronze Star Memorial

    The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs supplies a bronze star to mark the grave of a veteran whose military service terminated honorably.

  2. Definition of Veteran

    Find out what qualifies someone as a veteran.

  3. Military Appreciation Fund

    The Minnesotans' Military Appreciation Fund was established to say thank you to Minnesotans that have served in a combat zone since September 11, 2001.

  4. State Soldiers Assistance Program (SSAP)

    See what programs are in place to help you and your family.

  5. Veterans Cemetery

    See what qualifies someone to be buried in the state's veterans cemetery.

  6. Veterans Homes

    The Minnesota Veterans Homes have been established to provide health care services to Minnesota veterans who have a medical need to live in a structured health care environment.

  7. Vehicle License Plates

    Get a veteran vehicle license plate.

  8. Veterans Preference Act

    The Veterans Preference Act protects veteran's who are at risk for losing their job.