Event Recycling Bin Loan

The System
People often use bottles and cans at events throughout Clay County. These containers are easy to recycle but end up in the landfill simply because there is not a convenient way for people to drop them into the recycling.

Residents of Clay County have gotten into the habit of recycling. Most have a system in place at home to collect several kinds of recyclables. Help us make it easier for residents to recycle when they are away from home.

Container Loan
Recycling containers are available for loan, at no cost, to event organizers in Clay County. The bins are intended to be used to collect plastic or aluminum beverage containers.

Recycling at Events

The containers may be used at city festivals, conferences, family reunions, company parties, or other events that give people the opportunity to recycle.

Types of Containers
Two types of recycling containers are available. We offer large tote style containers for large outdoor events. We also have smaller bottle shaped containers available that may be used indoors or outdoors.

Start Planning Today
If you are planning an event please contact the Clay County Recycling Office about setting up recycling opportunities at your venue. When you call or email to reserve the containers we can help you decide what size bins you will need and how to get the cans and bottles recycled.
Event Organizer Responsibilities
  • Collecting materials
  • Funding the recycling
  • Making arrangements for recycling
  • Returning containers clean and in good condition
  • Transporting the bins
  • Transporting the materials to a recycler

Please note, all materials collected for recycling must be delivered to a recycler.

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