Special Waste Programs

Clay County offers a variety of programs to residents that help reduce, reuse, and recycle as many materials and products as possible.
  1. Abandoned Automobile Program

    The intention of this program is to reduce the amount of abandoned / inoperable vehicles and some other types of scrap metal from our sightlines and other areas of the county.

  2. Appliances

    Appliances can be dropped off at the landfill for a fee.

  3. Batteries

    Find out what to do with your old batteries.

  4. Business Bulb Collection

    Learn how your business can recycle old light bulbs.

  5. Cell Phones

    Learn what to do with your old cell phones.

  6. Electronics

    Access details on where to recycle your electronics.

  7. Event Recycling Bin Loan

    Hosting an event? Let Clay County loan you recycling bins and reduce waste from your event.

  8. For Sale - Rain Barrels & Composters

    Shop products that can reduce your impact on the environment.

  9. Materials Exchange

    Material exchange programs connect businesses, nonprofit groups, government agencies, and individuals who have surplus materials / reusable products or supplies available with those who can use the materials.

  10. Message in a Bottle

    Our new recycling program that allows residents to recycle at the gas pump.

  11. Oil Filters

    Peruse details on how to recycle oil filters.

  12. Recycle Your Holidays

    Getting rid of your old holiday lights? Bring them to one of the collection bins in the County to get recycled.

  13. Resident Bulb Collection

    Find out where to bring your old fluorescent bulbs.

  14. Take Jack Back

    No need to throw your Halloween pumpkin in the garbage. Bring it to Clay County to be composted and reused.

  15. Telephone Books

    Find out how to recycle your old telephone books.

  16. Tires

    Find out where to bring your old tires.

  17. Waste Oil

    Learn where to dispose of your used motor oil.

  18. Waste Pesticide Collection

    Learn how to properly dispose of your pesticides.