Juveniles on Probation

In a situation where a juvenile is placed on probation and receives specific conditions to follow, all efforts are made to monitor that juvenile and make sure they complete these conditions in a timely manner. However, should a juvenile refuse to comply or continues to violate the court's orders or rules of their probation, a more structured environment may need to be considered.

Keeping Juveniles at Home
All efforts are made to prevent a juvenile from being removed from their parental home. Efforts may include:
  • Crisis Intervention Counseling
  • Intensive In-Home Therapy
  • Special School Programming
  • Individual Therapy
  • Community Sanctions
  • Intensive Probation Supervision
Any plan to consider out of home placement is screened by the Clay County Pre-Placement Screening Team. The team consists of members from Social Services, Probation, schools and a mental health agency. If approved, the plan is presented to the presiding Judge who makes the final decision to remove a juvenile from their home.

Out-of-Home Placement
Clay County Probation continues to provide case management to juveniles in out-of-home placement. When a juvenile is released and returning to their home community they are eligible to work with a Transitional Coordinator (TC) through the Reentry Services Project. The TC provides community based case management and mentoring to these youth in an effort to make their transition home successful.

This is a grant funded program with funds provided by the Clay County Collaborative and the Office of Justice Program in Minnesota. In 2010, this program was expanded to allow the TC to work with youth in the community who are at risk of out of home placement.