Policies / Programs

  1. Access Management Policy

    View Access Management Policy documents.

  2. Adopt-a-Highway (AAH) Program Policy

    AAH is a community involvement program that brings citizen volunteer groups into partnership with Clay County to keep the local roadsides clean.

  3. Drainage Structure Policy

    Read the county's Drainage Structure Policy.

  4. Dust Control Policy

    Clay County's Dust Control Program makes available the application of dust control chemical on aggregate surfaced county and township roads within Clay County.

  5. Mailbox Placement & Maintenance Policy

    Access Clay County’s Mailbox Placement and Maintenance Policy, including a diagram relating to the installation of a swing-away type mailbox support.

  6. Snow Removal & Ice Control Policy

    Clay County would like to remind everyone, including commercial snow removal operators, that it is against state law to deposit snow onto a public roadway.

  7. Storm Water Pollution

    Learn how to prevent storm water prevention by reading the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Brochure and report storm water violations to the Highway Department.

  8. Wheelage Tax Policy

    Obtain the Wheelage Tax Policy document and application.