Nurse - Family Partnership

Nurse-Family Partnership is a prenatal and early childhood home visiting program for moms expecting their 1st baby. A specially trained public health nurse will provide home visits starting as early in the pregnancy as possible, and continue until the child reaches 2 years of age.
Nurse Family Parnership
Nurse Services
The nurse will help the mom have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby and suggest ways to make the home a safe place for the baby to live and play. The nurse is also familiar with community support services and can offer referrals to help the mom meet the needs of her young family.


Women who meet these 3 criteria are encouraged to enroll.
  • Are pregnant with their 1st child and less than 28 weeks gestation
  • Meet income requirements
  • Live in the service area
This program is free to all eligible women. Please call Clay County Public Health by calling 218-299-5220 for more information or visit the Nurse-Family Partnership website.