GIS Data

Read the Geographic Information System (GIS) data disclaimer.

Clay County GIS maintains hundreds of layers of digital information about Clay County. Listed below are the most commonly used data sets. To make use of this data, specialized software is required, either Autodesk's AutoCAD® or ESRI's ArcMap®. The type of file is indicated in the description. If you require data that is not listed below, contact Clay County GIS via email.

Clay County Shared Services
  • ArcGIS Server Services
  • Clay Map REST
  • Clay Map WFS
  • Clay Map WMS
  • Section Corners REST
ESRI® Shape Files
The files below are in the ESRI® shape file format and have been zipped. Meta data is included when it is available. Data is updated monthly.
Digital Photos
The digital photos (all of Clay County) are in tiff format.

AutoCAD® Files
The Clay County Highway Map file is in AutoCAD® format that has been zipped.


All data is in Clay County coordinates of feet.

Field Data
Many Clay County data files contain fields called "Region" and "Edit date." These fields are used to easily separate county data into smaller sets and indicate the date specific features were last edited.

Detailed descriptions of the fields in our primary feature data sets are available below:
  • Addresses: Field descriptions of addresses data
  • Parcels: Field descriptions of parcel data
  • Tax Data: Field descriptions of Manatron data
  • Roads: Field descriptions of roads data
Original PLS Maps
Minnesota's original PLS maps are available for Clay County from MN Geo.