Foreclosure List

Sheriff's Certificate
Minnesota law does not require all foreclosures to be filed through the court system so Minnesota doesn’t have a list like counties in North Dakota and some other states.

In Minnesota a document called a Sheriff’s Certificate, sometimes referred to as a foreclosure, can be recorded. This document is recorded after the sale takes place through the Sheriff’s Office. In most cases the document will state the length of redemption period, which usually runs 5 weeks to 1 year.

Public Access to Foreclosures
The public can come into the office to search for information using a public PC. Another way to obtain this information is to subscribe to the Clay County Recorder’s Office Activity Report. Each week a new report is placed on the Clay County website to list all the deeds, mortgages, satisfaction, foreclosures, contract for deeds and tax liens recorded that week. You can also make an activity report special request of all foreclosures for a date range. The fields included are:
  • Sheriff Certificate Purchaser
  • Date Recorded
  • Dollar Amount
  • Legal Description
  • Parcel ID Number
If the mortgage was assumed or the building rented the mortgagor might not be the occupant. Addresses are not entered.