Map / GIS Services

  1. Addressing Standards

    Learn about addressing standards and guidelines and street and address number signs.

  2. Clay County Facility Locations

    Discover where the county facilities are.

  3. Clay County Maps

    Explore the community using the maps of Clay County.

  4. Clay County Precincts

    Find your polling location.

  5. Clay County Printable Map

    Review the map of Clay County in printable format.

  6. Commissioner District Map

    Obtain the map of districts for the Clay County Board of Commissioners.

  7. Data Disclaimer

    The geographic information system (GIS) material is made available as a public service.

  8. Data Standards (GIS)

    Learn about standard file formats and available data.

  9. GPS Reference Station

    Learn about the Global Positioning System (GPS) Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS).

  10. Plats, Corners & Surveys Online

    Learn the difference between plats and corners.