Solid Waste Services

  1. Appliance Disposal

    Appliances can be dropped off at the landfill for a fee.

  2. Battery Recycling & Disposal

    Find out what to do with your old batteries.

  3. Business Recycling

    Find out how your business can recycle.

  4. City Recycling Centers

    Discover where your local recycling center is.

  5. Composting

    Learn how and why you should compost at home.

  6. Demolition Debris Disposal

    Access information on how demolition debris needs to be handled.

  7. Electronic Equipment Recycling & Disposal

    Access details on where to recycle your electronics.

  8. Event Recycling Bin Loan

    Hosting an event? Let Clay County loan you recycling bins to reduce waste from your event.

  9. Household Hazardous Waste

    Find out how to dispose of your hazardous items.

  10. Landfill

    The Clay County landfill is a mixed municipal solid waste land disposal facility owned and operated by Clay County.

  11. Materials Exchange

    Material exchange programs connect businesses, nonprofit groups, government agencies, and individuals who have surplus materials / reusable products or supplies available with those who can use the materials.

  12. Resident Recycling

    Clay County is proud to support recycling opportunities throughout the County.

  13. Special Waste Programs

    Gather information about special waste items and how to recycling them.

  14. What to Recycle

    Find out what products can go in your recycling bins.