1. Cemeteries in Clay County

    Names, pictures and locations of cemeteries in Clay County.

  2. Child Support ReliaCard & Direct Deposit

    State forms for ReliaCard and direct deposit.

  3. Commission District

    Locate which commission district you are in.

  4. Election Candidate Resources

    The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State has a variety of information regarding elections, including candidate resources.

  5. Federal Veteran Benefits

    Discover what federal benefits are offered to you.

  6. Fire Districts

    Identify and learn about your fire district.

  7. Forfeiture Property for Sale

    Each December, the Clay County Auditor's Office holds an auction sale to dispose of Clay County properties forfeited to the state for nonpayment of taxes.

  8. Juvenile Center Rules

    Find the rules you will need to follow for visitations, telephone privileges, mail, money, clothes, hygiene, and food.

  9. My PIN to access Minnesota Child Support Online

    How do I get my PIN to access Minnesota Child Support Online?

  10. People in Jail

    Review the lock up list.

  11. Polling Places

    Locate your polling location.

  12. Pro Se Court Forms

    How do I find Pro Se court forms?

  13. Property Lines

    Read about property line location and responsibility.

  14. Property Map Search

    Get online access to property information maintained by Clay County.

  15. Recycling Centers

    Visit your local recycling center.

  16. State Veteran Benefits

    Gather information about what benefits the state offers.