1. Abandoned Automobile Program

    The intention of this program is to reduce the amount of abandoned / inoperable vehicles and some other types of scrap metal from our sightlines and other areas of the county.

  2. Business Development Programs

    Find your financing options, the lending guidelines, and the application procedure.

  3. Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

    Gather information about recipients and providers of the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP).

  4. Child Support Enforcement

    What enforcement remedies are available to collect child support?

  5. Child Support Establishment

    How is a child support order established?

  6. Child Support Modification

    How can a child support order be changed?

  7. Child Support Paternity

    How is paternity established?

  8. Civil Process

    The Civil Process Unit is responsible for serving court orders including but not limited to: orders for protection, harassment orders, subpoenas, orders to show cause, summon and complaints, and more.

  9. Clay County Fair

    Find maps and events that are held annually at the fair.

  10. Clay County Loan Fund

    The loan fund was created to provide additional job opportunities and improve the quality of life in Clay County, Minnesota.

  11. Clinic Services

    See what services the clinic offers.

  12. Composting

    Composting is the decomposition of leaves, grass clippings, fruit and vegetable scraps, and other organic wastes by bacteria, fungi, worms, and other organisms.

  13. Crop Science

    The Crop Science Division answers questions about crops and inspects plants and insect for identification and diagnosis purposes.

  14. Detention Programs

    There are 3 secure detention programs the 30-60-90-120 day Correctional Residential program, Sexual Therapy, and Secure Hold program.

  15. Dust Control Program

    Clay County's Dust Control Program makes available the application of dust control chemical on aggregate surfaced county and township roads within Clay County.

  16. Emergency Management

    Emergency Management is responsible for administering the emergency program, training, coordinates the response to disasters, and more.

  17. Emergency Preparedness

    There are many different plans we have in place to keep Clay County safe.

  18. Emergency Preparedness Program

    View our emergency preparedness program.

  19. Follow Along Program

    The Follow Along Program is available to all families in Clay County.

  20. Highways / Roads

    The main objective of the Clay County Highway Department is the construction and maintenance of county highways and bridges, county state aid highways and bridges and township roads and bridges.

  21. Household Hazardous Waste

    The Clay County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program operates with a permit from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. It is permitted to accept waste from households only, not from businesses, non-profits or institutions.

  22. Mortgage Registry Tax

    Calculate your mortgage registry tax and find information about paying your tax.

  23. Noxious Weed Program

    The County Agricultural Inspector (CAI) assists in administering and enforcing the noxious weed law and rules in an effective and uniform manner, resulting in the protection of the county's citizens and the environment from the harmful effects of noxious weeds.

  24. Nurse - Family Partnership

    Nurse-Family Partnership is a prenatal and early childhood home visiting program for moms expecting their 1st baby.

  25. Nutrition Education

    Find a list of food safety tips, visit helpful resources about weight management and calories, physical activity, and more.

  26. Public Health

    Clay County Public Health has provided services to Clay County residents since 1969.

  27. Resource Recovery Program

    Through its Resource Recovery Program, Clay County recovers wood, manufactured products and other recyclable / reusable materials from the Clay demolition and municipal solid waste landfills, markets the material, and/or distributes the material to county residents for reuse.

  28. Road Construction

    View road construction information from contractor project and bidding information to the Proposed 5-Year Construction Program.

  29. Special Waste Programs

    Gather information about special waste and how to recycling it.

  30. Specialty Courts

    Clay County District Court houses three specialty court programs: Domestic Violence Court, Drug Court and Veterans Treatment Court.

  31. Transition Services

    The Transition Services Program helps the residents achieve social adjustment, employment, and educational success once they leave the West Central Regional Juvenile Center.

  32. Victim / Witness Program

    The Clay County Attorney's Office, in conjunction with the Victim / Witness Program, is committed to providing assistance to victims and witnesses involved in the criminal justice system.

  33. What to Recycle

    Learn how to recycle common items like aluminum, appliances, cardboard, glass, plastic, tires, and more.