1. 4-H

    Find the 4-H pledge, like us on Facebook, and enroll in 4-H today.

  2. Adopt-a-Highway (AAH) Program

    Adopt-a-Highway (AAH) is a community involvement program that brings citizen volunteer groups into partnership with Clay County to keep the local roadsides clean.

  3. Auction, Public Surplus®

    Learn what is up for auction in the community.

  4. Board Meeting

    Find out how to place an item on the agenda for the Board of Commissioners.

  5. D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

    The Clay County Sheriff’s Office first taught Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) and now has passed the responsibility to the police departments, but the Sheriff's Office still continues to teach the curriculum.

  6. Horticulture

    The horticulture division answers questions and horticulture advice as well as inspecting plants and insects for identification and diagnosis.

  7. Parents Forever

    Parents Forever is a research-based educational program designed to help parents through the process of making informed, child-supportive decisions during separation and divorce, resulting in healthy children and positive parent-child relationships.

  8. Recycling

    Clay County is proud to support recycling opportunities throughout the county.

  9. Restorative Justice Volunteer Opportunities

    The Restorative Justice Program is always looking to recruit volunteers to be a part of community circles.

  10. Special Waste Programs

    Gather information about special waste and how to recycling it.

  11. The Alive! Team

    People who are committed to high standards for physical activity and healthy nutrition are needed for leading and shaping a food and fitness culture that can nurture strong minds and bodies.

  12. Video Conferencing Center

    Find contact in formation, their mission statement, and how to setup a video conferencing call with the Technology Services Department.