1. Adult Protection Services

    Adult protection services include taking reports and investigating suspected maltreatment, providing referrals to case management, and more.

  2. Bikeways Map - Fargo Moorhead Metro Area

    View the FM Metro Area Bikeways Map, which includes the bikeways map, points of interest, bike safety and symbols information, and related FM signs.

  3. Board of Commissioners Meetings

    There are now several options available to citizens for viewing the Board of Commissioners meetings.

  4. Child Support Online

    How do I see payments and case history on my child support case?

  5. Child Support Services

    The Child Support Unit establishes and enforces court orders for child support, child care, and medical support (health insurance / medical benefits.)

  6. Clay County Printable Map

    Explore the map of Clay County in printable format.

  7. Court Calendar

    Review the court calendar to know what is happening.

  8. County Calendar

    Get involved in the activities that happen throughout the community.

  9. Election Results

    View county, state, federal election results.

  10. Financial Statements & Budgets

    View budget summaries, annual financial reports, profiles of Clay County, and the Users' Guide to County Financial Statements.

  11. GIS Data

    View the most commonly used data sets in Autodesk's AutoCAD® or ESRI's ArcMap® formats.

  12. GIS Maps

    Find interactive, real-time city, static, and flood maps.

  13. Plats, Corners & Surveys

    Learn about plats, corners and surveys, and view them online.

  14. Property Tax Statements

    View and print your property tax statement online.