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Subdivision with Lot, Block, and Outlot

Learn how to search using additional criteria with these easy steps.

Note: If you pick subdivision, notice how the box below your search choices changes accordingly, because parcel is the default.

If unsure of the subdivision name, type in the first 2 letters of the subdivision and hit tab. A drop down table of subdivisions beginning with the letters entered will appear. Select the one you wish to search. When all information is entered, click on Add and Find. If the subdivision table doesn't include the subdivision, try entering only the first letter. Such as J for J W NYE 1st Addition.

Subdivision names are entered as presented in most cases.


  • Arnold F Millers Add (enter AR and tab)
  • Original Moorhead (enter OR and tab). Using this code a table of all original townsites will be listed.

Original Barnesville is a replat of Miller and McMasters (Miller and McMasters is not available in the drop down table because documents are no longer tracted to those lots and blocks). Enter OR and tab.

Original Ulen is actually Aslesans 1st Add. Enter AS and tab.

Auditor's Outlot Table

(AUD O L) large and is accessed by entering the city or township name first. Enter the first 2 letters of the city or township name to view a table of all outlots in that city or township.

Common Interest Community (CIC)

Clay County has approximately 30 formally platted CICs. CICs can be searched by name, the same as a subdivision. The unit number can be searched using the part of field. Some CICs have unit numbers and lot numbers so, to be consistent, we always enter the unit number in the part of field.

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