Appeals Process - Assessment 2019 Payable 2020

If you are a property owner and you believe that your Estimated Market Value or Classification is incorrect, please contact our office first. Also, consider viewing the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website and read both sides of your Notice of Valuation and Classification.

If an agreement is not reached after contacting our office, you may present your case to the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization. The Board consists of members of the local township board or city council.

2019 Board of Appeal and Equalization Schedule (PDF)



The Assessor's Office is responsible for an equitable assessment of real and personal property by estimating the fair market value and determining the classification of each parcel in Clay County for property tax purposes. Valuations and classifications must meet the standards established by Minnesota Statutes and the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Property valuations and classifications are made by state accredited and certified assessors from within the county office or by assessors hired by townships and cities.


Clay County maintains records and values on properties countywide except for properties within the city limits of Moorhead. Please contact the assessing division at the City of Moorhead for those records. Property records can be found through property search.

Basic Timeline of Assessment Cycle

The basic timeline of assessment cycle (PDF) lists the deadlines and duties that are performed by county staff and taxpayers as it relates to the annual property assessments.

Contact Us

If you have a comment or a question that you wish to have answered by the Clay County Assessor's Office, feel free contact County Assessor Nancy Gunderson by calling 218-299-5017 or via email Nancy Gunderson.