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To provide financial assistance to business owners that were impacted directly as a result of Executive Order 20-99 (EO 20-99) which closed or partially closed restaurants, bars, gyms, and similar businesses.  

How it works

Submit an online application to Clay County which shows program eligibility. Clay County’s Executive Order Business Relief Program application opens Tuesday, January 12th at Noon. Applications will be accepted until midnight January 24th. All eligible applications will be accepted and reviewed. This is not a "first come, first served" or a "lottery" program.


The program is intended to provide relief payments to restaurants, bars, gyms, and other similar businesses who have been partially or fully closed as a result of EO 20-99, Section 7.

To qualify, the business must:

  • Have a physical location in Clay County
  • Be locally owned and operated
  • Have a permanent physical location
  • Be directly impacted by State of Minnesota Executive Order 20-99
  • Have no current tax liens on file with the Secretary of State at the time of application
  • Not be a home-based business
  • Not be a non-profit organization (other than Veteran’s Organizations which are eligible)

Ineligible businesses types

Your business must not be the list of Ineligible Businesses:

  • Businesses not directly or indirectly (as defined under the program terms) impacted by EO 20-99
  • Businesses without a physical establishment in Clay County, Minnesota
  • Corporate owned chains; however, locally owned franchise businesses are eligible
  • Businesses in default conditions prior to November 1, 2020
  • Businesses that primarily derive income from gambling
  • Businesses that derive any income from adult entertainment
  • Businesses that primarily sell pawned merchandise, guns, tobacco or vaping products
  • Businesses that derive income from passive investments; real estate transactions; commercial property rentals or commercial property management; billboards; or lobbying

Location of Business

Businesses located anywhere in Clay County may apply.  

Other Conditions

  • Please submit only one application per business. An eligible business may receive at most one grant under this program, regardless of other related business location within Clay County.
  • Please submit only one application per owner. A business owner may receive at most one grant, regardless of the number of businesses owned with and ownership share of 20% or more.

Use of Funds

Funds awarded shall be used for working capital to support critical expenses that were incurred during the shutdown (November 20, 2020 through December 31, 2021) such as payroll obligations, rent payments, mortgage payments, utility bills, payments to suppliers, and other similar expenses that occur in the regular course of business.

Grant Amount

Grant amounts will be based on a business’s ability to show need and the number of applications which meet the criteria. 

Application Process

Clay County will accept applications through January 24, 2021.

Submissions are now closed

The application will ask various questions related to your business. There is no need to attach any documents.  Answering ‘No’ to various questions will not necessarily cause your application to be ineligible.  Be sure to complete the form entirely and press submit at the end.  Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions, if needed.  

Information needed to complete the application includes:

  • Federal EIN
  • Business NAICS code
  • Do you have a Minnesota tax lien against your business filed with the Secretary of State
  • Total Revenue 11/1/2019 to 12/31/2019
  • Total Revenue 11/1/2020 to 12/31/2020
  • Part-Time and Full-Time employees on 11/1/2020
  • Part-Time and Full-Time employees on 12/31/2020
  • Was your business impacted by Executive Order 20-99 Tennessen Warning Notice Per Minnesota Statutes, section 13.04, subdivision 2, we are requesting information from you to determine if you are eligible for assistance from Clay County. You do not have to provide the requested information, but failure to do so will result in the County’s inability to determine your eligibility for assistance.Your information will not be shared without your consent unless the law allows it or required by a court order.

Approval Process

The Clay County Board of Commissioners will utilize selection panels to determine eligibility and distribution of the funds.


Most questions are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section.  

You can send an email to: or leave a message at 218-299-7820.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Executive Order Business Relief Program