In each of Minnesota's 87 counties, a County Attorney is elected to handle numerous criminal and civil legal responsibilities.

The Clay County Attorney is an elected official whose term of office is 4 years or until a successor qualifies. The County Attorney must be licensed to practice law in the State of Minnesota and must take an oath before beginning duties, which is filed with the Clay County Recorder's Office. The duties and powers of the County Attorney's Office authorized by Minnesota State Law are found in Chapter 388 of the Minnesota Statutes.

Assistant County Attorneys

The County Attorney could not perform the many duties required without Assistant County Attorneys. These professionals are the most important part of the office team. They are the front line in making charging decisions, trying cases and providing services to the many county agencies that rely upon the County Attorney for legal assistance.

The County Attorney supervises the Assistants and works with them to establish policies and guidelines to be used by the office as a whole.

Meet the County Attorney's staff.

Mission Statement

To promote justice, public safety and effective government by prosecuting crime, protecting those in need, and representing Clay County.