Demolition Materials

Small amounts of demo materials can be disposed of at the RRC in Moorhead.

  • All loads will need to be unloaded by hand
  • No dump trailers

For larger/commercial loads, please contact the Clay Demolition Debris Landfill.

Clay Demolition Debris Landfill

Contact the Demo Landfill at (701) 642-3207

The Clay Demolition Landfill, privately owned and operated, is the only county-permitted demolition landfill. It is located in Section 3 of Riverton Township, 6 miles west of Hawley and 1/4 mile north off US Highway 10.

The permitted landfill area covers 17.8 acres, with a 250,000-cubic-yard capacity, and receives about 400 loads of debris annually. The demolition landfill's conditional use permit allows the disposal of inert building and other structural waste materials and rubble. The landfill is Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) approved and meets State statutes and rules.

Call the MPCA at (218) 498-2430 for more information.