Restorative Justice Logo

The Restorative Justice Program logo is courtesy of Dick Nelson of the Johnston Design Office.

Meaning Behind the Logo

The circle is the symbol of life, constantly evolving, constantly changing, but always interconnected. The circle in this case is broken into halves - 1 positive, 1 negative. The scars, which can be seen on the top and bottom of the circle, suggest that some type of healing has taken place. The 2 broken halves coming together also reinforce the completion of the hand in the middle, which can be seen only when the 2 halves are put together.

The hand symbolizes healing, the human aspect of the program. It says that compassion is a key element in the process of healing.

Restorative Justice logo

The heart symbolizes that the healing process needs to go deep - it must go to the center of the problem, and it must go to the soul of the person.

The typeface for the written name is called city. It was selected because it has an authoritative feel, suggesting that it can withstand much. It says, this is restorative justice.