Volunteer Opportunities

The Restorative Justice Program is currently accepting volunteer applications. Community members are a vital part of the Restorative Justice Program, as they are able to represent the effect that crime has on the community. Volunteers are able to participate in Community Conferences and Youth Conferences.

Role and Purpose

Volunteers will actively engage in restorative justice processes that respond to various criminal offenses. The purpose of these processes is to hold referred youth accountable for the harm they have caused to the community and assist in determining how that harm can be repaired in a safe, structured and dignified manner. The goal of the process is to enable community input and increase youth competency and understanding as a result of their experience. Volunteers work with the referred youth and others to attend to the needs of the victims and communities affected by crime.

Eligibility Requirements

Community members interested in volunteering must:


Volunteers will be expected to:

  • Honor commitments and attend meetings as agreed
  • Be sincere and respectful of others
  • Demonstrate ability to be openminded, fair and non-judgmental
  • Model effective communication skills
  • Work cooperatively with program staff, other volunteers and participants
  • Use restorative practices rather than punitive approaches to crime and conflict
  • Follow the Restorative Justice Program's policies and procedures related to volunteers
  • Provide own transportation to and from meetings

Duties and Responsibilities

Volunteers will:

  • Support and model the principles of restorative justice
  • Participate in restorative justice processes that bring volunteers together with referred youth, the youths' support person(s), law enforcement and other community organizations to address crime
  • Identify the ways in which crime and wrongdoing weakens relationships between people and harms the community
  • Assist in holding referred youth accountable so they can take responsibility for the incident
  • Help to determine a fair, attainable and age appropriate agreement


All volunteers will participate in an initial orientation and training session before beginning. A training manual will be provided as a reference guide to ensure a successful volunteer experience. Additional training topics will be scheduled for volunteers on an on-going basis.

Time / Length of Commitment

Volunteers are asked to commit approximately 3 - 5 hours per month. Typically, Community Conferences are scheduled weekdays during the late afternoon or evening. A Community Conference typically lasts 1 to 1.5 hours. There is no required length of commitment. Additional expectations include:

  • initial training
  • ongoing training
  • attendance at quarterly meetings


The Restorative Justice Program Administrator will oversee and manage all volunteers.

Restorative Justice Values