Property Tax Special Assessments

Special assessments are assigned to real estate parcels for specific improvements to the property such as sewer and water lines, street curbs and gutter, sidewalks, and, in rural areas, for ditches.

Property Owner's Responsibilities

A city making improvements to a property usually pays for the project by selling bonds, and then certifies an annual installment of the principle and interest to the county for collection on the property tax statement. The property owner usually has the option of paying off the special assessment, to the city, before interest accrues and before the annual installment is certified to the county for collection.

Further Information

The unpaid special assessment amount owed to the city for the project is called the uncertified balance. For information about an uncertified balance for property in the City of Moorhead, you can contact the Moorhead City Clerk's Office. For uncertified special assessment balance information for any property outside the Moorhead city limits you can contact the Clay County Auditor.