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Recommended Tree Spacings


  • Shrubs: 3-6 feet apart; for buffaloberry, caragana, dogwood, cotoneaster, honeysuckle, lilac and juneberry
  • Medium size trees: 6-10 feet apart; for plum, common and shubert chokecherry, flowering crab, and amur maple
  • Large trees: 10-16 feet apart; for green ash, black walnut, bur oak, elm, hackberry, poplar, flame willow, laurel leaf willow, little leaf linden, and evergreens
  • Large trees: 20 feet apart; for silver maple

Between Rows

  • Shrubs and medium sized trees: 12-16 feet apart
  • Medium sized trees: 12-16 feet apart
  • Medium sized trees and large trees: 16-20 feet apart

Rule of Thumb

A good rule of thumb when figuring spacing between rows is to allow 3-4 feet on either side for tillage equipment.

For example, a disc or field cultivator - so you're not apt to hit any of the trees when working the ground. So, if you have a 10-foot field cultivator, allow 16-18 feet between rows. Also, we recommend keeping the area around the trees black for at least 3 years.