Economic Incentives

Financial incentives under the continuous Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) sign up make conservation buffers economically attractive.

Rental Payment

  • Participants will receive annual rental payments from Clay County Commissioners (CCC) for the life of contract. These payments are based on the productivity of the 3 main soil types and average dry land cash rent.
  • May be eligible for a 20% rental rate incentive for riparian buffers, filter strips, grassed waterways, and field windbreaks.

Cost Share Payment

  • Farm Service Agency (FSA) will provide cost share assistance up to 50% of the eligible cost for establishment of the Continuous Conservation Reserve Program (CCRP) practice.

Additional Incentive Payments

  • An upfront signing incentive payment (SIP) of $100 to $150 per acre (depending on contract length) for high priority practices.
  • A practice incentive payment (PIP) equal to 40% of your eligible practice installation cost. This is in addition to the up-to-50%-cost-share paid by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Conservation Questions

Contact the Clay SWCD Office at 218-287-2255 for information about CCRP or any other conservation questions.