Clay County collects residential electronic waste free of charge for recycling. 

Things to note before visiting:

  • We only take items from Clay County residential households. This recycling program is not available to commercial businesses
  • Residents will be required to unload and place their materials in the appropriate boxes during the collection. 
  • Staff will not be able to help with unloading vehicles. Please make sure you bring enough help with you to unload.
  • We DO NOT take microwaves or appliances. You can bring them to the Transfer Station on HWY 10 or the Clay County landfill in Hawley. You will be charged a small disposal fee for these items

The accepted items listed below can be taken to one of the two locations listed on the side bar:

Accepted and Unaccepted Items

Accepted Unaccepted
Cell Phones – All types  Microwaves / Toaster ovens
Laptops  Stereos / Radios
Computer Towers  Sound System Equipment
Tablets  Speakers
Video Display Devices  Amplifiers
Rechargeable Batteries  Turntables
Computer Audio Equipment  TV Remotes 
Uninterrupted Power Supply  DVR / Cable boxes
External Battery Backups  WiFi Routers / Modems 
LED / Fluorescent Bulbs  Non-Rechargeable Batteries 
Holiday Lights iPods
Computer Mice  MP3 Players
Keyboards Wall Phone / Home Phones
Loose Cords  Fire Alarms / Smoke detectors 
Micro Chips CO2 Detectors 
Motherboards Medical Equipment
External Hard Drives  Pagers 
Fax Machines Personal Device Assistants 
DVD / VHS Players Wrist Watches
Video Cassette Recorders Vacuum cleaners 
TVs Appliances
  Mini refrigerators
  Air Conditioners
  Cassettes / Backup tapes
  Toner / ink cartridges

Locations and Times

  1. Clay County Landfill
    3301 190th St S,
    Hawley, MN
    Monday - Friday: 8am - 4pm 
    And the first and third Sundays of the Month

    Electronics Shed
    1300 15th Ave N,
    Moorhead, MN
    Tuesday: 4pm - 6pm ONLY

    For Additional Questions

    Shannon Thompson