Information Services


The Information Services Department serves both internal and external users.  The department consists of two divisions: GIS and Communications.  

The Geographic Information System (GIS) division is responsible for the maintenance, operation, and enhancement of GIS, include the management of geospatial (geographic) information, creation and maintenance of addresses, management of the digital parcel map, and responding to data requests.  

The Communications group is charged with maintaining all county websites, as well as monitoring and updating the county’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Staff also conduct video recording of designated meetings, perform graphic arts functions, and provide multi-media services to all County staff and departments.  

A role of the Information Services Department is to enable open government, make it easier for residents to find information, and interact with county government functions through as many devices, including mobile, as possible.

Mission Statement

The Clay County, Minnesota, Information Services Department’s goal is to put the right information into the hands of our employees, partner organizations, and our residents.  

Information Services strives to effectively support communications between Clay County staff and citizens regarding county services, goals, objectives, and accomplishments.  

Information Services creates, maintains, and operates Geographic Information Systems (GIS), web sites, and online services to all County departments, other agencies, and citizens.