Information Services


The Information Services (IS) Department is responsible for the maintenance, operation and enhancement of geographic information systems (GIS), websites, databases, applications and multimedia services to all county staff and citizens. This department serves both internal and external users.

Additionally, the IS department supports and improves business processes; ensuring that products and services meet county staff and citizens' rapidly changing needs. Department functions include the management of spatial information, integration of county data and the delivery of e-government services.

IS staff strive to enable services that allow all departments, entities and constituents to effectively utilize digital information and also provide training.

Mission Statement

The Clay County, Minnesota, Information Services (IS) Department provides Geographic Information System (GIS), web sites, and database services to all County departments, other agencies, and citizens. An emphasis is placed on proactively developing data and systems to improve overall access to County information. A goal of Information Services is to put the right technology tools and capabilities into the hands of our employees to assist them in being more efficient and effective.