GIS Data Standards

Clay County Coordinates

All data is in Clay County coordinates are in feet.

Additional Data Fields

Many Clay County data files contain fields called "Region" and "Edit Date." These fields are used to easily separate county data into smaller sets and indicate the date specific features were last edited.

Layering Scheme

Clay County uses the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Council of Governments (MetroCOG) layering scheme for all AutoCAD® files.

File Naming

Files are named with a description of the project and an 8 digit date within the file name. (Example: Courthouse 3rd Addition 20050715.dwg - submitted on 15 July 2005)

File Format

Files are in either AutoDesk's AutoCAD® format or ESRI shape file format.

GEOgraphic Data Exchange Consortium (GEODEC)

Metropolitan Data Specifications

Clay County is a member of the GEODEC. View the GEODEC Metropolitan Data Specifications Handbook (PDF).

The GEODEC has put together specifications for data creation. These specifications cover 3 subjects:

Resolution Regarding GIS Data

Free and Open GIS Data Resolution (PDF)

Street Addressing Standards

Clay County has adopted standards for use with addresses. View the Clay County addressing standards webpage for details.