Class Outline

Session I

The Impact of Divorce on Adults

Helps parents understand how divorce impacts them and suggests ways to cope constructively with accompanying stress, anger, and conflict. The unit includes discussion about the

  • Grief cycle
  • Stages of divorce
  • Adult issues vs. children's issues
  • Indicators and effects of abuse and neglect on children and families

Legal Issues and the Role of Mediation

Offers an introduction to the legal process of divorce. Topics include an

  • Overview of the divorce process in Minnesota
  • Explanation of basic legal terms
  • Mediation as a choice to make decisions and resolve conflict

Session II

The Impact of Divorce on Children

Focuses on how divorce affects children and how parents can best help kids through the transition. Topics include

  • Developmental needs and age-related behaviors of children and youth when experiencing family transition
  • Children's grief cycle
  • Recognizing your parenting style
  • Strengthening communication skills between parents
  • Tools for developing a parallel parenting plan

Session III

Money Issues and Child Support

Helps parents with the emotional, social and economic aspects of living with reduced income, as often experienced in family transition. Topics include information about

  • Child support
  • Budgeting resources
  • How to talk to children about money

Pathways to a New Life

Explores fundamental steps for divorcing parents to move on with their lives, including

  • Letting go of the past
  • Redefining their shared role as parents
  • Effects of new relationships
  • Developing a new circle of support