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A plat is a map of a tract of land subdivided into lots with streets and alleys drawn to scale showing dimensions. Usually an owner of a tract of land chooses to plat the land so lots can be sold. Instead of a metes and bounds description, a lot, block and name of a plat are used to describe the property once it is platted.


The Clay County Recorder's Office began filing surveys in 1991 when the county required a survey according to county ordinance.  Searches can be done by document / survey number, location (section, township and range) or by parcel number. Parcel numbers are not entered on older surveys.  If no survey is found by parcel number, search using the section, township and range option or by the city name.


A Certificate of Location of Government Corner, also known as a Corner Certificate, is a document developed by a licensed land surveyor to mark a corner within a section of land. A section is a parcel of land generally comprised of one square mile or 640 acres.  36 sections make up a township. When a survey or plat is made, proper recording of Corner Certificates is required, consisting of a minimum of two or more appropriate controlling government corner locations.

Corner Certificates can be searched by section number, township number and range number.

Tips for Using Corners

When searching for Corner Certificates, also search abutting sections or townships. For example, the southwest corner of section 1 is also the southeast corner of section 2, as shown in the diagram below.

Corners Example