Jenny Mongeau

Board of Commissioners
Title: District 3 Commissioner
Phone: 701-238-2987

Jenny Mongeau's current term expires in January 2023. She has served on the Board of Commissioners since 2015.

Committee Appointments
  • AMC Environmental & Natural Resources Policy
  • AMC Extension
  • Audit/Investment (Chair/Past Chair)
  • Buffalo Red River Watershed Advisory Committee
  • Buffalo Red River Watershed Ditch Coordinating
  • Buffalo Red River Watershed (liaison)
  • Buffer Program Committee
  • Cass-Clay Food Systems Joint Powers Commission
  • Clay Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Community Facilities Planning
  • Correctional Facility Behavioral Health
  • County-Owned Property
  • Detox Planning Committee
  • EMS First Responder Subcommittee
  • Extension
  • FM Diversion Cemetery
  • FM Diversion Land Management    
  • Felton Prairie Stewardship (Alt)      
  • Lakeland Mental Health Center
  • Lakes & Prairies Community Action Partnership
  • Law Library
  • Metropolitan Council of Governments (Alt)
  • Metropolitan Council of Governments 5-year Transit Plan
  • Noxious Weeds
  • One Watershed One Plan
  • Out of Home Placement Task Force
  • Personnel Issues (Chair/Past Chair)
  • Planning Commission
  • Regional Water Planning Joint Powers Board (Alt)
  • Rural Cities and County
  • Solar Power Possibilities
  • Township Meetings
  • Wellhead Protection Plan (Barnesville)
  • Wellhead Protection Plan (Sabin)
  • Wild Rice Watershed Flood Reduction (Alt)
  • Wild Rice Watershed District (liaison)

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