Wednesday: Floods AND FLASH FLOODS

The Department of Public Safety and the National Weather Service will be promoting general weather safety and emergency preparedness to Minnesotans during April 17 - 21 for Severe Weather Awareness Week.

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Promote Emergency Preparedness in Your Community

  • Hold preparedness seminars. • Consult with local businesses.
  • Host a preparedness and health fair.
  • Start a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).
  • Meet with homeowners associations.
  • Post newsletter, social media and website articles with preparedness tips.
  • Encourage others to know how to contact their county emergency manager.
  • More information about these emergency preparedness steps is provided on the HSEM Weather Safety and National Weather Service websites.

General, all-hazards emergency preparedness best practices for businesses, communities, individuals and families can be found on this HSEM website.