Proof of Insurance

Where to Provide Proof of Insurance

  • Law Enforcement Center if your ticket was issued within the City of Moorhead and the court date on the citation has not yet occurred (exceptions would be if you are a juvenile, you must provide proof to the Clay County Attorney's Office)
  • Clay County Attorney's Office if your citation was issued outside the City of Moorhead

When to Provide Proof of Insurance

Within 10 days from the offense date / citation's issue date, but no later than on or by the court date on the citation; if presented after the court date on the citation, you will need to also be responsible to prove your insurance with the State of Minnesota by calling 651-296-6911, as the county notifies the state to revoke based on no appearance or otherwise responding to the citation.

If there was no insurance on the vehicle, your appearance is required.

What Provides Proof of Insurance

The Law Enforcement Center accepts the insurance identification card as if you had it in your vehicle on the date of the offense, provided it reflects the proper vehicle and the offense date is covered in the effective dates. The Clay County Attorney's Office requires the insurance identification card to display effective dates that are inclusive of the offense date, the same vehicle as listed in the citation, as well as the specific insurance agent's name and telephone number to obtain confirmation from that person of the information presented by the person who was cited.

Insurance information may be faxed to 218-299-7281 with the citation and your name, current address (if different than citation), and phone number to contact if the fax transmission is illegible. You are responsible to follow up to make sure the fax transmission was received at this end and that the dismissal of the proof of insurance reached Court Administration timely.

Not the Registered Owner

You must timely [within 10 days from the offense date, but no later than on or by the court date on the citation] provide the Clay County Attorney's Office with the full name, date of birth and current address of the registered owner. This information will be verified through Dispatch, if Dispatch confirms the information, the charge will be dismissed against you, and the registered owner will be recharged.

Payment Information

Commercial vehicle citations are all handled through the Clay County Attorney's Office. All fines are taken by Court Administration, with the exception of Moorhead City parking tickets, which are paid at the Law Enforcement Center. Any plea petitions negotiated must be submitted promptly with the full amount of the agreed upon fine, surcharge and fees.

If the plea petition is not entered into and paid within 2 weeks (or before the next scheduled court date), it may be considered expired, which would require you to be responsible for the full amount of the original citation.