Veterans Preference Act

The State of Minnesota has long recognized the contributions which veterans have made to both our state and nation. One way we take recognition is through the protection afforded veterans under the Veterans Preference Act, especially as it applies to a veteran who is being discharged.

Qualified Jobs

This protection applies only to those veterans who are employed by a political subdivision of the State of Minnesota; such as a county, city or municipality. It does not apply to those employed by the state or the private sector.

Termination Requirements

Basically, a veteran can be removed only for cause, such as incompetence or misconduct, after the veteran has been offered a dismissal hearing. Further, the veteran must be served written notice of the employer's intent to discharge and the reasons for the intended discharge.

Dismissal Hearing

The veteran then has 60 days from the date of the dismissal notice to request a hearing on the proposed dismissal. If the veteran does not request a hearing within the 60 day limit, the veteran forfeits all rights to such a hearing under the Veterans Preference Act and the employer is free to discharge the veteran.

The veteran must request this hearing in writing and must provide this written notice either by mail or personal delivery to the employer.

Seeking Help

There are other considerations to the Veterans Preference Act. However, the above information is enough upon which to base a determination whether or not your rights as a veteran have been violated. If you feel that your rights to a dismissal hearing under the Veterans Preference Act have been violated, you should contact your County Veterans Service Office by calling 218-299-5041 or the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs.