Clay County Zoning

Over 90% of the land in Clay County is zoned agricultural general. Other zoning districts are Agricultural Service centers, like Avenuerill, Baker, Downer, Kragnes, Rollag, and Rustad; Highway Commercial and Limited Highway Commercial; and Urban Expansion, which extends approximately 2 miles around the cities of Moorhead and Dilworth.

The overlay zoning districts are:

  • Landing Field Overlay
  • Special Protection
  • Aggregate Resource District
  • Special Protection
    • Wellhead Protection District
  • Biologically Significant Areas District
  • Flood Plain District.

The lakes in the county are zoned:

  • Special Protection
  • Special Protection-Low Development
  • Residential

To find out zoning information on a particular piece of property in rural Clay County, contact the Clay County Planning Office at 218-299-5002.

The incorporated cities of Clay County manage their own zoning and permitting for properties / structures within their cities. This includes the cities of:

  • Barnesville
  • Comstock
  • Dilworth
  • Felton
  • Georgetown
  • Glyndon
  • Hawley
  • Hitterdal
  • Moorhead
  • Sabin
  • Ulen