The Clay County Highway Department requires moving permits to make over-dimensional moves on Clay County highways. A fee is assessed for each moving permit issued. Online Moving Permits are issued via the Clay County ePermitting System (permit application and payment system).

Moving Permit Fees

Type of MoveFee
Over-dimensional (single) move application (under 100,000 pounds)$25
Overweight (single) move application (100,000 pounds - 160,000 pounds)$50
Overweight (single) move application (greater than 160,000 pounds)$100
House (single) move application$100

Six- & 7-Axle Truck Haul Permits

Clay County also offers 6- and 7-axle permits that follow the permit policy currently in place by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDot) and other counties such as Polk and Kittson. This will allow companies like TranSystems to configure their trucks that have either 6 or 7 axles to haul up to 90,000 or 97,000 pounds and still stay within the 10 tons per axle weight limits.