Are there spacing standards for driveways or public street openings?
Yes. Section 8.3.6(G)(2) defines the minimum standards for roadways and driveways and requirements for full and limited access connections. Spacing standards vary based on the roadways functional classification, the posted speed limit and whether the access will be full movement or limited.

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1. Does the county have an access management, driveway permitting or opening policy?
2. Why did the county adopt this ordinance?
3. Do I need a permit to construct a driveway or field approach that connects to a county highway?
4. How much does a permit cost? Do I need a permit for general maintenance to an existing access connection?
5. Does the county still provide a culvert for new, reconstructed or modified access connections to a county highway?
6. After I receive a permit, do I need to have the county inspect and approve the improvements once construction is completed?
7. How much time does the county have to process an application once submitted? When can I expect a final decision?
8. What is the length of time that a permit is valid once issued?
9. Are there spacing standards for driveways or public street openings?
10. If I don’t agree with the decision on my permit application and/or I do not agree with the conditions of approval, is there an appeal process?
11. Where do I find a full copy of the ordinance or applicable sections within the county development code?
12. Who do I contact if I have questions?