Any work within the County Highway right-of-way requires a permit from the Clay County Highway Department. This includes construction of any new Access Connection (driveway) or any change, alteration, modification or construction activity relating to an existing Access Connection. Be sure to review all permit procedures and specifications before applying for a permit.

An Online Access Permit Application must be submitted via the Clay County ePermitting System (online permit application and payment system) to the County Highway Department and must be approved before any work takes place within the right-of-way.

Instructions for the ePermitting System

  1. Guide to registering (PDF) to use the ePermitting System. Registering is a one time process. Once you have registered you can then use the Clay County ePermitting System to apply and pay fees for access permits.
  2. Guide to applying for and paying fees (PDF) for access permits via the ePermitting System.

Access Permit Fee

There is a $125 fee for each permit. This fee includes a culvert for new approaches and the cost of two required inspections; one prior to construction and one after completion.