Access Management Policy

Policy Documents

Permit Procedures & Specifications

Effective December 27, 2012

  • Any work within the county highway right-of-way requires a permit from the Clay County Highway Department. This includes construction of any new access connection or any change, alteration, modification or construction activity relating to an existing access connection.
  • An Access Permit Application must be completed online via the Clay County ePermitting System.
  • The permit applicant shall submit all information required within the online application form. Each application should include a layout or sketch of the property showing the location of the proposed access connection, any existing connections and any other pertinent information.
  • A permit fee of $125 is required along with the application. This fee includes the cost of 2 required inspections; 1 prior to construction and 1 after completion.
  • The applicant should install a lath or stake at the location desired for the center of the proposed opening for accuracy during inspection prior to approval. The Highway Department will discuss the location with the applicant if it needs to be moved.
  • The Highway Department will inspect the location for safety, sight distance, proximity to other access openings and drainage requirements. The applicant will be notified of approval and/or any necessary requirements. All access connections will be reviewed for compliance with the county's Access Management Policy (PDF) (see County Development Code Section 8.3.6).
  • If the access connection requires a drainage structure, the county will provide 1 culvert per quarter section in rural areas. In urban areas the county will provide 1 culvert per residence. The applicant will be responsible for installing the culvert the county has provided. The Highway Department will determine and order the appropriate size and length of culvert required.
  • The cost of constructing the access connection is the responsibility of the applicant. This includes any fill or excavating that may be required. In urban areas, it is the responsibility of the applicant to remove and replace curb and gutter at the access connection location.
  • When construction of the access connection is completed in accordance with specifications and special provisions noted on the permit, the applicant shall notify the Highway Department for final inspection. The permitted access connection will not be considered complete until all disturbed areas have been fine graded, top soiled and seeded. All work is to be completed within 90 calendar days after receipt of the approved permit or as otherwise specified in the access permit. For additional information on permit duration standards, see Section 8.3.6 within the County Development Code.
  • If the access connection is for a residence or business receiving mail at the permitted location, Clay County will provide an approved mailbox support at the applicant's expense. Upon request, the mailbox support will be delivered at the same time as the culvert. The applicant will be required to install the support.
  • Prior to beginning any excavation work, Minnesota law requires the applicant or their contractor to contact "Gopher State 1-Call" for locations of underground utilities. They can be reached at 800-252-1166.
  • Whenever work on the traveled portion of the roadway or shoulder is necessary, proper traffic control devices shall be furnished by the applicant and shall be in accordance with the most current edition of the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, which is also available for review at the Clay County Highway Department at the applicant's request.
  • Please note that all equipment which may damage surfaced roadways is prohibited from use on the roadway. Any damage to the roadway surface due to loading, unloading or operating such equipment will be assessed to the applicant. Please help us protect our highway surfaces.

Thank you for your cooperation.