Homestead Qualifications

Those who own and occupy their primary place of residence, including manufactured homes, qualify for homestead including:

  • Owner-occupants
  • Certain relatives of the owner: The definition of "relative of the owner" includes:
  • Aunt
  • Brother
  • Brother-in-law
  • Child
  • Daughter-in-law
  • Grandchild
  • Grandparent
  • Nephew
  • Niece
  • Parent
  • Parent-in-law
  • Sister
  • Sister-in-law
  • Son-in-law
  • Stepchild
  • Stepparent
  • Uncle

Note: Applicants must be Minnesota residents.

Special Agricultural Homestead

Homestead classification is allowed upon farms of at least 40 acres where the owner does not live on the farm, but within 4 townships from the farm. The owner must actively farm the land, be a Minnesota resident, and may not be claiming another agricultural homestead in Minnesota. Persons engaged in "actively farming" must participate in: making day to day farming decisions, labor, administration / management, financial risk and profit and loss. An applicant is not required to own the residence where they live.

A new provision allows a homestead classification for an owner that does not live on the farm, is living within 4 townships from the farm, and is renting the land to their child, sibling, grandchild, or parent who is actively farming the land.

Corporate / Partnership Farm Homestead

The Agricultural Homestead Law now allows a full homestead classification for each shareholder or partner who resides on the corporate / partnership property.

Other Homestead Classifications

There are classifications for the blind, disabled or paraplegic veterans, and some people in military service. If all owners do not occupy the property, a partial homestead classification may be given.

Homestead for Property Owned by a Trust

Certain trusts can qualify for homestead. A Certificate of Trust must be completed and approved by the county Assessor, or the trust must be provided for the Assessor's review.

Homestead for 'Life Estates'

Life estates qualify for homestead as long as the life estate interest is shown on the deed, and the holder of the life estate meets all the homestead requirements.

Contact Information

Contact the Clay County Assessor's Office for further homestead information by calling 218-299-5017.