The staff consists of the Auditor and 13 full-time staff members who are dedicated to serving the citizens of Clay County by offering the best possible service in all aspects of the duties of this office.


The Auditor's Office is responsible for tax administration for all taxing districts in Clay County. These duties include the maintenance of:

  • Addresses
  • Legal descriptions for tax rolls
  • Names
  • Property taxes calculations
  • Special assessments

The office administers the issuance of auctioneer, beer and liquor licenses, as well as the county's centralized accounting system. This system controls all fiscal aspects of the county including paying bills, payroll, collecting revenues, financial statement preparation and budget reporting. The auditor is the Deputy Registrar for the county and administers the Motor Vehicle Department.


This office also administers the county functions of federal, state, and local elections. This process involves: