Minnesota Title Transfer

To transfer the Minnesota title of a motor vehicle:

  • Provide the Minnesota title for the vehicle to be transferred. If the title cannot be located, the seller must apply for a duplicate.
  • All owners listed on the title must sign the title.
  • Provide the mileage as it appears on the odometer.
  • Provide the name and address of the lien holder, if applicable.
  • Provide the name of the insurance company and the policy number.
  • Provide proof of identification.
  • You must be at least 17 years of age to title a vehicle.

Fee Information

Transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer is not finished until the completed title is turned in and the excise tax and related fees are paid. If the vehicle is a gift, an affidavit must be signed in front of a notary or deputy. All transfers must be completed within 10 business days to avoid a $2 transfer penalty.