Solid Waste Fee

History & Purpose

Every parcel of property in Clay County, on which a building is situated, is assessed an annual solid waste fee. This fee was initiated in 1990 by the Clay County Board of Commissioners to help cover costs of solid waste alternatives that the State of Minnesota requires counties to provide for their residents. These include composting, recycling programs, household hazardous waste, the landfill, the Resource Recovery Center, and resource recovery options.

Fee Cost

The residential solid waste service fee is $45 per home. Solid waste fees for commercial and tax exempt property are based on volume. The annual solid waste fee is printed in the special assessment section of your property tax statement. Solid waste fees are included and collected along with your property tax payments.


If you believe your solid waste service fee is not equitable, you may appeal that charge. The solid waste fee must be paid on time during the appeal process to avoid any penalty charges. If the appeal reduces the solid waste fee a refund will be issued. Appeals must be made within 45 days of the mailing post date of your property tax statement. To appeal your solid waste service fee please contact the Office of Solid Waste Management, located at the Resource Recovery Center in Moorhead, MN, by calling 218-299-5016.