Self-hauled garbage and demolition materials
Self-hauled Garbage load less than pickup box$15.00 per load
Self-hauled Garbage load more than pickup box$30.00 per load
Self-hauled Garbage over pickup box$15 per yard
Self hauled demolition load less than pickup box
$20.00 per load
Self-hauled demolition load more than pickup box$40.00 per load
Self hauled demolition loads larger than pickup
$20 per yard
Appliances, furniture, mattresses
Freon appliances$15.00 each
Non-freon appliances$10.00 each
Furniture$15.00 each
Mattresses$15.00 each
Tires with and without rims
Tire with rim passenger$5.00 each
Tire with rim truck$20.00 each
Tire with rim super singles$30.00 each
Tire with rim tractor small$55.00 each
Tire with rim tractor medium$75.00 each
Tire with rim tractor large$100.00 each
Tire with rim tractor extra large$125.00 each
Tire passenger$2.50 each
Tire large truck$12.00 each
Tire super singles$15.00 each
Tire tractor small$30.00 each
Tire tractor medium$40.00 each
Tire tractor large$50.00 each
Tire tractor extra large$65.00 each
Tire tractor 300 pounds or more$350.00 each
Other materials 
Dried Sludge$50.00 TON
Soil$20.00 TON
Asbestos$15.00 bag
Ash$20.00 TON
Ag $8.25 yard up to 400lb/yd
Ag additional TON
$50.00 TON

Commercial garbage
Commercial compacted$50.00 TON
Commercial garbage $8.25 yard up to 400lb/yd
Commercial garbage additional TON
$50.00 TON

Commercial demolition material
Commercial demolition $15.00 yard up to 400lb/yd
Commercial demolition additional TON
$55.00 TON