Search Tips for Laredo

Using Laredo

For technical assistance and support using Laredo, contact Fidlar Software by email Support or telephone at 800-747-4600.

When you enter Laredo, type the user name and password assigned to you by the Clay County Recorder to begin using the Laredo search engine using all uppercase.

If you are a remote Laredo user you will need to accept the license agreement, print the agreement, sign and date the form, and return it to Fidlar Software. Please use this document to know what to look for with the user license agreement (PDF).

Once in Laredo, user news may be displayed. This is a convenient way for the county to send messages to one or more customers. This can be deleted by highlighting the message and clicking the delete button. Please use this document (PDF) for a visual on this.


Following are several search options. Using several options for each property searched is recommended (to narrow your search). Searching by Parcel ID Number (PIN) can be helpful, however parcel numbers change when tax parcels are split or combined. If a new plat is recorded, the underlying parcels will be deleted and new numbers created. PINs and legal descriptions are entered on documents beginning 8/16/1999.

The search menu appears on the left side of the screen. The first menu item is search, clicking on search will open the search window.

Note: Always hit the clear button between searches. If you do not clear between searches, previous criteria will be carried over to your new search. If you do not know where the clear button is, please see this document to see it pointed out.

Search Types

Additional Search Options

Allow you to search using additional criteria.

Search Results