Statement of Intended Use


The West Central Regional Juvenile Center (WCRJC) is a regional correctional facility licensed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections. This facility, which has served youth since 1971, provides both secure and non-secure programming for male and female youth. We adhere to the following standards and philosophies.

  • Staff is well educated and trained so as to provide beneficial services to the youth served.
  • Staff model respectful behavior and work to a high standard of performance.
  • The building is maintained to enhance the safety and security of everyone.
  • Education and Health services meet all state standards.
  • Programs are developed which promote skill building, in youth.
  • Moderate Level Sexual Offender Therapy

Target Population

  • Youth of all cultural backgrounds are served.
  • Male and female youth are accepted.
  • The age range is 11-21 years old, although most youth are in the 13 to 18 year old range.
  • We serve youth who need secure and non-secure services as well as EJJ.
  • We will accept youth with existing medical conditions on a case-by-case basis.
  • Low Level /Sexual Education Program

Primary Needs

The WCRJC will meet all basic living needs, including appropriate food and nutrition, housing, and activity space, clothing and laundry, bedding and linens, hygiene items, mail service, telephone use, visiting privileges and access to canteen services. WCRJC will also meet the need for appropriate medical and dental care.

Other programs are available to assist residents to meet their religious/spiritual needs and to be involved in culturally specific programs and events. The facility will additionally meet primary needs for education, recreation, and leisure activities.

The group living environment is structured so that daily living routines and activities also provide opportunities for residents to explore their flawed thinking as they learn basic living skills. Staff members are expected to model the kinds of behaviors that are pro-social and supportive of a therapeutic philosophy.

Our facility also meets the needs for public safety, accountability, and responsibility providing services for chronic delinquent behaviors as well as less serious problems. Youth have a need to develop empathy and making amends for anti-social behaviors. This facility provides these skills and opportunities.

Internal Programs

Following is the criteria for programs offered at this facility. Eligibility and admission standards used to determine placement at the WCRJC are established by state statutes.

Secure Detention

  • Offering services to delinquent offenders who have allegedly committed a delinquent offense and are placed by law enforcement or the courts until a court hearing is held or it is deemed appropriate to go home or to a community placement.
  • The secure program is approved for a short-term residential treatment program as court ordered.
  • Out patient CD programming is offered.
  • Moderate Level Sexual Offender Therapy

Non-secure Program

  • 30 Day Evaluations - This includes an assessment regarding mental health status, education, medical, family, a behavior summary and develops a treatment/placement recommendation upon conclusion.
  • Consequence Program - This is a short term program that provides an immediate consequence for negative behavior or non-compliance with the courts. An individualized behavior contract is developed based on individual needs.
  • Emergency Placements - This program includes youth placed by the court; social service agency, probation or a law-enforcement agency for the safety and well being of the child. Examples are children in need of protection, delinquency, truancy, runaways etc. and whether the resident is at the facility on a voluntary placement agreement.
  • Low Level /Sexual Education Program

External Programs

This facility partners with a number of outside service providers to assist with community re-entry and aid in a supported and well structured transition back to the community. These services exist to meet the cultural and ethnic needs of the resident. Examples of these include:

  • Translators to meet cultural and language barrier needs
  • Drake Counseling Services
  • Benson Psychological Services
  • Lakeland Mental Health
  • Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota
  • Juvenile Chaplaincy and Guidance
  • Rape and Abuse Crisis Center
  • Concordia College
  • Jr. Leadership - Minnesota National Guard
  • 4 the Luv of Dogs Rescue
  • Churches United Homeless Shelter
  • NDSU Counseling Program
  • Job Corps – Quentin Burdick, Minot, North Dakota
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous

The facility also uses external services to meet medical or psychiatric care needs of youth that this facility is unable to. This includes Emergency room care for injury or illness, urgent care facilities, emergency dental clinics and referrals to a psychiatric care facility.

Emergency services such as fire, police, and EMS are provided by City of Moorhead and Clay County personnel.